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No account of ancient history would be complete without reviewing the works of Plutarch. His best known work chronicles the lives of famous Greeks and Romans. Many of his accounts provide the best glimpse we have into the Mediterranean world of centuries past.

Living in the first century A.D., Plutarch brings unique insights into the lives of famous Roman generals and emperors of his era. While his Greek background and education equipped him to bring to life the famous Greek heroes of antiquity.

More than anything, Plutarch tries to show humanity in the lives of the characters he wrote about. Readers are very aware of each fault or character flaw, just like he points out their positive attributes as well.


I. Historians tell us that after the flood the first king of the Thesprotians and Molossians was Phæthon, who was one of those who came into Epirus under Pelasgus; while some say that Deukalion and Pyrrha after founding the temple at Dodona lived there in the country of the Molossians. In later times Neoptolemus, the […]

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